The Sakamana Nutrition Program has been steadily continuing on for almost two years. The first location is at our farm gate as students walk up and down the farm road on their way to school. Seventy-five students receive a boiled egg and cup of warm milk as they walk to school.

Sakamana also added a Nutrition Program for the students at Independent Baptist School which is a small ACE school in our town of Kabwe. Many of these students also come from nutritionally compromised families. We were so happy to add these twenty-four students at the beginning of July.

And now, Sakamana is ready to add a third location to serve students in our community! We are so excited to begin serving students in the small community of Four Miles which is just five minutes north of the farm. This small community also has a high unemployment rate and nutritionally compromised children. The children in this area attend K'angomba Day School or K'angomba Primary School.

Sakamana kids posing with sunset.

As an interesting note, the secondary students who live near us and are served in the original Sakamana Nutrition Program, walk over an hour to attend K'angomba Day School. The community schools in our area serve many students walking long distances from many directions to attend school. Adding this second community helps us to begin reaching our goal of serving all of the students attending community schools surrounding us. This is our ultimate long-term goal!

The students have been on school holiday for the month of August. We have one week to prepare the next Sakamana Nutrition Program. This includes securing a small house to serve the students, setting up a cooking system for boiling the eggs, and a small refrigerator to store the milk. We've also been spreading the exciting news to the parents in the community so that they know where to send their children on the first morning of the new school term. The first day, we will prepare for 100 children and are hoping it will grow to up to 200 children.

THANK YOU so much to a very generous donor who made this new location possible. And of course, a resounding THANK YOU to our monthly subscribers who make the long-term goals of Sakamana a reality.