The Meaning of Sakamana

The Meaning of Sakamana

The Sakamana Mission

When it came to choosing the name for our outreach, it took a bit of time to think of a suitable name. Finally, the name "Sakamana" was chosen. What does Sakamana mean?

In the local language, Sakamana means "to care for." That is the heartbeat of our mission. We do not want to replace the family unit or change the Zambian culture. Simply, we want to care for the needs of those around us.

Beautiful women in Zambia.
The Meaning of Sakamana

Within a twenty-minute walk in all directions are many children and women who can use support. If you are reading this blog post now, there is a large chance that you have been given assistance in your life whether or not your realized it. Perhaps you were sent to a good private school that was paid for by your parents or another family member. Perhaps you attended a government school funded by your government. If your family needed food support, it is likely that they could receive such assistance from the government. In Zambia, there is very little support for those who need it the most. Many times in government schools, the teachers face many challenges and fail to be the stability that students crave. As parents get a job and receive a salary, they are asked to support additional family members making the stability of food supply to be a daily struggle.

Here at Sakamana, we see the struggle of those around us and are here to care for their needs. We want to pass on the blessing that has been given to us over generations to those in the surrounding villages. We don't have to travel far to see a tremendous need. The villages of Shankombila, Goma, Shandongo, Kamuchanga, and Four Miles all represent families with vast needs.

We count it a tremendous blessing that God has enabled us in this ministry of relief. Thank you for your support.