The Lord has abundantly blessed Sakamana this year. We have seen a 200% growth in the number of students that Sakamana serves in the daily nutrition program. When we officially received our non-profit status from the IRS at the beginning of 2022, we were serving 78 students. The final number at the end of the school term in December was an astonishing 235 students.

The first goal that we are aiming for in the first term of the 2023 school year (between January and March) is the addition of more food to the daily portion given to the students. We would like to add ground nuts or a piece of fruit each day in addition to the boiled egg and cup of milk. We will purchase ground nuts from small-scale farmers in our area. We also would like to add a banana or apple to the food roster. Nutrition is so important to these students as they grow and develop. This is a small, but achievable goal.

The second goal that we would like to meet next year is expansion to two more areas. We are aiming for expansion in the second school term which would begin in May. The infrastructure for the daily nutrition program to expand is in place, we just need to ensure we have enough funds. The first area that would be an easy expansion is Goma. It is not a big village, and we could easily reach about 50 students with the nutrition program. The second community which is larger is called Kamuchanga. We could easily reach over 100 students with the nutrition program.

We are overwhelmed with gratefulness for those of you have sent one-time donations or are enrolled in the monthly donation program. Without a doubt, the Lord is blessing your financial gifts in our area as we reach these students every school morning. We seek to build relationships with them and to be a daily, consistent blessing to each student through the nutrition program. Ultimately, our goal is to reach them with the Good News of the Gospel!