2023 has brought so much growth and exciting changes for Sakamana. With humble beginnings and leaps of faith, Sakamana started in 2020 giving out a boiled egg a few days a week to 30 children. From that point, Sakamana steadily grew to giving out eggs to the same 30 children every school day to eventually including a cup of milk.

With the formation of the non-profit in 2022, Sakamana was able to receive donations and from there, God has blessed us with explosive growth. We now serve 270 students each school morning, plus an orphanage ministry once per week, and a secondary school once per week.

At this time, we cannot serve more areas or schools due to lack of staff, but it is time to go deeper in serving our students. For the second school term of the year, we decided to add a peanut butter and jam sandwich twice per week to the allocation of food that each student receives in the before-school nutrition program.

It might not sound like much, but many of these students walk from 30 minutes to one hour to get to school. Many have not had breakfast. Keeping in line with our motto, “Caring for our neighbors physically to be mentally ready for growing spiritually,” we know it is important to feed the students we serve as best as we possibly can.

Thank you for helping us and being a part of the Sakamana nutrition program as we endeavor to be a blessing to the students living in the villages surrounding us.